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New Super Hit Kalaam, YA ILAHI (یا الٰہی،تو بڑا ہے), Shaz Khan & Sohail Moten, Islamic Releases
Tue, 07 Jul 2020

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Islamic Releases is presenting a new Nasheed of Shaz Khan & Sohail Moten "YA ILAHI TU BARA HAI (یا الٰہی،تو بڑا ہے)". The lyrics of this Nasheed is written by the Indian famous poet 'Allauddin Talib Solapuri'.

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Video Credits:
Artists : Shaz Khan & Sohail Moten
Poet : Allauddin Talib Solapuri
Composed : Shaz Khan
Audio : RWDS
Director : Khurram Hasnain
D.O.P : Mirza Junaid Baig
Edit & Post : Sajjad A. Khan
Production : Cateyes Films
Label : Islamic Releases
English Subtitles : Waleed Bin Abdul Malik
Special Thanks to Kamran Khan

Urdu Lyrics:

یا الہٰی کیا خطا ہے کیوں ہوا میدان خالی
محفلِ یاران خالی،بزمِ عالیشان خالی
خوف سے گلفام خالی راہ خالی شہر خالی
گھر ہوا ہے قیدخانہ ،قید میں ہے جان خالی
کہ راحت کے لمحوں میں کر کے خطا
گناہوں سے تجھ کو کیا ہے خفا
کیا تکبر سے خطا کی مل رہی ہے سزا
آشنا نا آشنا سب ہو گئے ہے جدا
ہو گیا ہر شوق خالی شور خالی شان خالی
ساز و سامانِ درخشاں ہیں ہمارے ساتھ میں
ہم یہ سمجھے تھے کہ دنیا آگئی ہے ہاتھ میں
اب سمجھ میں آگیا ہے
یا الہی تو بڑا ہے
اک جراثم سے کیا ہے قوتِ انسان خالی
جب چمن آزاد تھا تو نغمہ خواں بےساز تھا
ہمنوا سے ہمنوا کا اور ہی انداز تھا
راستہ تھا سو رہے تھے
دل شکستہ ہو رہے تھے
اب ہوئے ارمان خالی چہرے سے مسکان خالی
ایک صحرا کی طرح پیاسا چلا تھا کارواں
کارواں کا ڈھنگ چھوڑے جا رہا تھا کارواں
ہر گھڑی طوفان آیا
ہر نفس پے خوف چھایا
ربط خالی بات خالی ہوگئی پہچان خالی
جن کے سرمیں ہے تکبر سر جھکے ہیں سربسر
ایک طاقت ہے کہ جس کے آگے سب ہیں مختصر
مختصر ہے ذات سب کی
کچھ نہیں اوقات سب کی
تاج خالی شاہ خالی ملک کا سلطان خالی
یونہی اک دن خالی دنیا کر کے جانا ہے ہمیں
ایک تنہائی کو اپنا گھر بنانا ہے ہمیں
بخش دےگا باز آجا
توبہ کر لے راہ پر آجا

ورنہ ہوگا خواب خالی خواب کا عنوان خالی
English Lyrics:
Oh Allah! With which fault of ours is the world empty?
The gathering of friends is empty
Due to fear, every street, road and city is empty
The house have become prisons and the soul feels emptiness in this prison
Doing sins in the time of comfort
We have dismissed you with our sins
Paying for the sins done with pride
The familiar and unfamiliar, all are set apart
Every passion, sound, esteem is empty
We are equipped with the worldly things
We thought we conquered the world
Now we have understood
Oh ALLAH you are the greatest
With one Virus, the power of human is empty
When we were in comfort no one paid heed towards you
People had different tones with each other
There was way, we were sleeping
We were losing our hearts
Now the dreams has waived, smile has waived
The caravan went empty handed like the desert
The caravan lost the manners of caravan
The storm then erupted
Every soul was frightened
Contact, talks and recognitions were lost
Those who were in pride, their heads are down
There is a Power after which everyone is small
Every soul is small
No one has any precedence after him
Crown, Kingdom of the king is empty
One day we have to leave the world
And the loneliness will be our home
HE will forgive you, be abstain
Ask for forgiveness come to the straight path
Else your dream will be empty, the topic of dream will be empty

About Shaz Khan:
Shaz Khan was a Pakistani Celebrity Singer, television personality and singer-songwriter. He sang many songs in Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi languages. In 2001, he released his debut album which is in Urdu, Aye Mery Yaar and Chori Chori in 2003. Some of his songs were big hits in the Pakistan which is Dildar Mera Yaar, Chand Sa Mukra, Chori Chori and Jungli Paindu. In 2011, his Pashto song is Qarara Rasha which has translated in 12 languages and got ultimate success and became highly successful in the world and gained a lot of public and media attention. Shaz Khan has performed with all the Pakistani celebrity singers on the same stage. In 2014, Shaz Khan left his musical career and, afterwards, focused on his religious activities for Islam and reciting nasheeds on TV, Social Media and also releasing them on CD's as well.

Copyright Notice:
All rights of the audio and video production is reserved for Islamic Releases. Hence, it's not permissible to Copying, Re-Recording or Broadcasting without our permission. However, you may share this production in our platform of Social Media Platform.

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